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When you head outdoors tonight, take Sky & Telescope's podcast with you for a guided tour to the night sky. Learn what constellations are visible, find out where and when you'll see the planets, and catch each month's celestial highlights, from meteor showers to eclipses.
  1. Scientists have caught a powerful flare of submillimeter-wavelength radiation from a young star in the Orion Nebula.

    The post Scientists Find Stellar Flare 10 Billion Times More Powerful Than Those on the Sun appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  2. Although first recorded by Hubble in 2004, subsequent imagery shows that this tiny, innermost moon of Neptune likely had had a violent history.

    The post Meet Hippocamp, Neptune’s Smallest Moon appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  3. The SPHEREX mission will create multiple surveys of the near-infrared sky that will reveal the origins of life and perhaps the universe itself.

    The post NASA to Explore Early Universe, Origins of Life with SPHEREX appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  4. AAS Nova brings us the story of a newly discovered cluster of stars. But the jury's out as to whether this group is a typical ancient stellar cluster or something more.

    The post Dwarf Galaxy or Giant Globular Cluster? appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  5. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) will soon begin a new round of observations. Now you can find out about the discoveries as they happen.

    The post Listen Up: Get Gravitational-wave Alerts appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  6. Despite months of listening, NASA has failed to pick up any signals from the stalwart Opportunity rover.

    The post Opportunity Reaches the End of Its Long Road appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  7. On Monday night, February 18th, observers in the western U.S. and Mexico may see the occultation of a lifetime when a tiny asteroid momentarily blots out the night sky's brightest star.

    The post Will Sirius Disappear on February 18th? appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  8. By tracing stars in other galaxies, the Gaia satellite has helped astronomers understand the relative motions of the Milky Way's galactic siblings.

    The post New Study Pushes Back Milky Way’s Dust-up with Andromeda appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  9. A vision from 70 years ago, the Zwicky Transient Facility has produced a wave of discoveries — but it’s only a hint of what’s to come.

    The post New Astro Camera Spots Thousands of Celestial Flare-ups appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  10. New Hubble Space Telescope images reveal an expanded polar cap on Uranus and another mysterious dark vortex on Neptune.

    The post Hubble Sets Its Sights on the Ice Giants appeared first on Sky & Telescope.