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  1. A new study suggests that pulsars are not the source of an unexpected surplus of antimatter particles detected by a space-based experiment. Dark matter remains a viable alternative explanation.

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  2. NASA's Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) launched successfully today to explore the boundary between Earth and space.

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  3. Analysis by an independent team has ferreted out seven candidates for gravitational-wave events from merging black holes.

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  4. Barbara Wilson passed away on September 24, 2019, after battling cancer for several months. Barbara was very well known in the amateur astronomy community as a dedicated and talented deep-sky observer. But she was much more than that.

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  5. Astronomers have found 20 new moons circling Saturn — now you can help name them!

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  6. The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics goes to James Peebles and to Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz. The prize, which will be split in half, honors discoveries that have offered new perspectives on our place in the universe.

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  7. NASA engineers hope to use the scoop at the end of the lander's robotic arm to get the Insight lander's heat probe burrowing once again.

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  8. Using the light cast by galaxies bursting with new stars, astronomers have mapped out a piece of the cosmic web 12 billion light-years from Earth.

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  9. Observe the first-quarter Moon on October 5 for International Observe the Moon Night. Here's a guide to tell you what to look for.

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  10. Astronomers made use of a fast radio burst, a 40-millisecond flash at radio wavelengths, to evaluate the state of the nearly undetectable gas around an intervening galaxy.

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