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  1. Some brilliant explosions at least 10 times more powerful than regular supernovae might come from a white dwarf merging with a massive companion star. But not everyone agrees on that explanation.

    The post Superluminous Supernova, Explained? appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  2. The ancient pole star known as Thuban turns out to be an eclipsing binary. If you're up for a challenge, you can see the eclipses for yourself.

    The post See Ancient “North Stars” Eclipse Each Other appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  3. Recent observations have pinpointed the location of a fifth fast radio burst, shedding light on the environs that create these powerful sources.

    The post New Mysterious Radio Flash Pinned Down; Hundreds More Being Discovered appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  4. Astronomers have calculated the loss of planets around stars in globular clusters, and New Horizons returns observations of worlds in the outer solar system.

    The post 60-Second Astro News: Planets in Tight Quarters & Kuiper Belt Forays appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  5. After a century, researchers may finally have solved a prehistoric meteorite mystery.

    The post After a Century, Geologists Find Crater Responsible for Meteorite Mystery appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  6. Here's the lowdown on which comets will brighten our skies in 2020.

    The post Comets to Catch in 2020 appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  7. Astronomers have announced the discovery of Proxima Centauri c, an inhospitable super-Earth just 4.3 light-years away.

    The post Astronomers Discover Second Planet in Nearest Star System appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  8. Ground- and space-based observations have revealed a group of stars at the head of the giant stream of gas burrowing its way through the Milky Way.

    The post Baby Stars Found in Ancient Part of Our Galaxy appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  9. The Hubble Space Telescope, which will celebrate its 30th birthday this April, has images cosmic mirages that yield two remarkable cosmological results.

    The post Hubble Sheds Light on Dark Matter and Cosmic Expansion appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  10. According to Bradley Schaefer (Louisiana State University), the 11th-magnitude variable star, V Sagittae, will outshine Sirius and maybe even Venus — despite its distance of some 7,500 light-years.

    The post Mark Your Calendar: Stellar Fireworks Predicted for 2083 appeared first on Sky & Telescope.