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When you head outdoors tonight, take Sky & Telescope's podcast with you for a guided tour to the night sky. Learn what constellations are visible, find out where and when you'll see the planets, and catch each month's celestial highlights, from meteor showers to eclipses.
  1. Our galaxy's center region is producing gamma rays, but astronomers are still debating whether pulsars or dark matter are the source. Three recent studies tackle the debate head-on.

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  2. From its dynamic atmosphere to its hidden depths, the Juno spacecraft has Jupiter as never before — surprising NASA scientists with unexpected complexity.

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  3. ASKAP, the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder has only had a 3.4-day pilot survey and has already found a fast radio burst!

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  4. Two recent studies suggest that brown dwarfs, or so-called “failed stars,” are nevertheless more like stars than planets.

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  5. Astronomers have confirmed the existence of the seventh planet around the ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1.

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  6. Mars was once far wetter than it is now — but just how much rain fell, and when?

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  7. Tabby's star, otherwise known as the most mysterious star in the galaxy, is dipping drastically in brightness, giving astronomers an opportunity to figure out what has been causing this star's weird behavior.

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  8. A team of researchers led by Benjamin Black (City College of New York) used global drainage patterns of Titan, Earth, and Mars' surfaces to determine the likelihood of recent tectonic activity.

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  9. A magnetic field appears to span the space between the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, the two dwarf galaxies being consumed by our Milky Way Galaxy.

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  10. Want to take your eclipse-photography experience to the next level? Get tips on advanced techniques from Fred Espenak, a.k.a. "Mr. Eclipse," during S&T's live webinar on Tuesday, May 23rd. There are now just three months to go until August 21st's total eclipse of the Sun. And, like me, you're probably wondering how much time and energy to devote to capturing the very best images of the eclipse that you can. […]

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